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TS: Isa by kimikiwi48
TS: Isa


- Name: Vương Công dâu (goes by Isa)
- Age: 24
- Height: 5'7"
- Gender: Demimale
- Sexuality: Demiromantic Ace
- Drink: Strawberry Bubble Milk Tea
- Description of drink: Strawberry flavored milk tea with tapioca pearls. Iced.
- Cafe: Tecafo Tea
- Personality:
    Silly | Slacker | Chatty | Curious | Spoiled | Friendly | Surprisingly introspective
    As a naturally silly and loquacious individual, Isa easily gets along with other people, even those he barely knows. However he can occasionally come off as intrusive and dense, disregarding other people's social cues to leave them the heck alone. He can often talk in a blunt manner with little regard for the other party's feelings, but rarely even bears ill will towards them. In terms of work, Isa is not the most hardworking person out there. He tends to slack off and loiter around, even meander into the opposing Tecafo Cafe for a casual drink, and can frequently be seen sitting and chatting with customers instead of taking orders. Since he already has money, he just doesn't quite get the point of being all uptight and actually on task at one's job. Still, he does have his productive days, and if you happen to catch him one of those moods, you could probably get him to do just about anything for you. Despite his amiable personality, his friendliness and apparent lack of regard for others' personal space should not be mistaken for flirtations or an invitation for some really deep conversation about something intensely personal. Isa doesn't treat others coldly at all, but also doesn't make many close relationships either, preferring to keep his vulnerabilities hidden and his more negative emotions internalized. On a brighter note, he absolutely will stick stickers everywhere, especially on your face.

- Biography:
    Isa knew that his parents loved him. Of course they did. But living with them was so--stifling. They had his whole life planned out for him, starting with getting good grades in everything to going to some prestigious college, and then becoming some celebrity lawyer or doctor who knows. All of this included being 100% cisgender and straight of course, which only made it all the more unappealing to him. He didn't want to take the straight and narrow path to success. Instead he wanted to live more freely--hang out with different people from different places, go to parties, eat weird food, wear cool clothes, try new things, take actual risks, y'know. When it came time for college, he enrolled in some community college all the way across the country, much to his parents' dismay (he's also like, kinda disowned. By his dad only though), and has barely contact them since. All for the better probably.
    Very soon, Isa found himself in need of a job. Not necessarily for the money, since, despite being (half) disowned, his parents did send substantial funds every month, but rather to fill his time with some kind of productivity. After job shopping around town for most of the day, Isa found himself in a cute little tea shop. Enjoying the relaxed and amiable air of the cafe, he decided to apply there for the job.

- Likes/dislikes:
    + Stickers!
    + Strawberries
    + Tapioca pearls
    + Anything with copious amounts of sugar in it
    + Intensely flavored things
    + Talking about basically anything
    + Getting up in other people's space
    + Spring/summer/early fall
    - Chores
    - Party poopers
    - Bitter things
    - Other people getting all up in his space
    - Dealing with other people's drama
    - Dealing with his own drama
    - Winter

- Relationships:
    - Nola: cool coffee cat
    - Lemon: free lemons awesome!

- Additional Information:
    - Heelies are totally cool and safe in a confined space
    - His hair is dyed
    - Is considering getting circle lenses to match his fabulous hair color
    - Don't ask me how his earrings work
    - He always keeps a stash of stickers on him
    - Not super in touch with his vietnamese heritage but he's getting there
    - What rivalry oh lol that

- RP info: chat/skype-- how to rp idek just hit me up with a comment or something
    - I usually prefer lit but I'm ok with script too
    - I can be slow to reply sometimes ;v;;
MARK: Asleep by kimikiwi48
MARK: Asleep
Sorry I haven't been able to post much here guys! Junior year is definitely as busy and horrible as rumors say lol
I wonder if some of you recognize the other dolls here~ ;D

The candies by themselves
Gemsonas by kimikiwi48
Indigo and Scarlet as Gems (Azurite and Natural Spinel) and their fusion Charoite!

I had a lot of fun doing these but I also had to rush through them because I should be doing homework things instead ;v;
Steven Universe is amazing.
Lunar New Year 2015 by kimikiwi48
Lunar New Year 2015
This is pretty late but here you go guys!

tears my chinese handwriting is going downhill and so are my general chinese skills if you couldn't tell from the actual english here OTL
Hey guys I've got a toyhouse now thanks to Ink-Jam. If you have one come check me out at raveninblue (or ink at drawsforcarrots). It's pretty empty over there right now, save for one indigo, but I hope I can do some cool stuff with it soon enough!


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I'm a moody teenager who spends way too much time thinking about art and her characters.

The color blue is the way to my heart. Just saying.

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